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Games for Business Studies and Economics (separate versions for each subject)
Air Raid

Air Raid
Planes dragging banners fly over. You have to shoot down the ones with the wrong statements. e.g. "Profit is one of the Four P's". You lose points if you shoot down correct statements.

Business Quiz

Business Quiz (Business Studies only)
There are separate quizzes for Marketing, Finance, Operations, People and Startup. Questions take a variety of formats, including drag and drop, multiple completion and Yes/No responses. Scores are tracked.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop Quizzes
Students have to match the terms to the correct descriptions. A score is kept and instant feedback given in the form of ticks and crosses. Covers all major topics in first and second years of sixth form study.


Students choose a topic area from Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, People and Startup. They then get 20 questions on each. Hints can be given.

Matching Game

Matching Game
Students choose from one of five course areas. They then have to match up terms with their definitions. There are versions for AS and A2. A score is kept and there is a timer. Can be used in class as a competitive activity.

Whack the Rat

You choose a topic and a level. When a wrong answer pops up you have to whack it. You lose points if you whack a correct statement.

Word Search
Word Search
You choose a topic area and then have to find relevant terms. Words can be horizontal, vertical or diagonol as well as backwards or forwards.
Know Your Diagrams Know your Diagrams
These test knowledge of key diagrams. You have to drag the labels to the correct part of the diagram.
Economics Quiz Economics Quiz (Economics only)
You choose an Economics area and are presnted with questions. A score is kept.
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