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Business Studies - all topics available from one screen
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How it works

Simply take out a subscription so you and your students can use the resources at home or in the classroom.

All subscriptions give free access to games and quizzes as well as relevant video tutorials.


Business and Economics Apps Trial and Full versions


interactive contentThe welcome screen gives access to 5 topic areas plus exam info.

Topics are divided into five broad subject areas:Finance, Marketing, Operations, People and External Factors. In addition there is a section for exam information, which includes details on specifications as well as tips. This arrangement makes it very easy to find any topic.

And you'll find a very wide range of coverage. The topics covered have been chosen from a selection of exam board specifications and every effort has been made to include the most essential topics.

Treatment of topics includes presentations, simulations, animations, and interactive materials.

There are opportunities for testing of numerical concepts e.g. Ratios, Elasticity, Variances, DCF, Critical Path Analysis and much more. Not only are concepts tested but explanations are given so that students can learn.

Printable Notes

Each topic comes with a facility to print off associated notes so that students can add to their revision resources.

video tutorials

Video Tutorials

Many of the topics have a video tutorial to accompany them. These tend to be short (around 3 minutes long) videos which explain a particular topic area. They are accompanied by a narrative and provide a useful backup to learning.


Exam Material

An exams section gives information about the specifications of the major exam boards and the structure of the exams. A particularly useful feature is a comprehensive glossary covering all major terms. This in itself is a useful revision aid. There is also a section on exam techniique.



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Games and QuizzesGames and Quizzes

Quizzes and tests are a great way to reinforce learning. You will find resources of all types under this section. There are drag and drop quizzes, multi-choice questions and various games including shoot 'em ups, hangman and word searches.

You get them free with your subscription.




ratios test

Test Material with Feedback

There are plenty of opportunities to test understanding. On the left is a screenshot from the ratios section. Students can test their knowledge of ratios and not only can they access the answer but also they are given an expanation of how the answer was worked out. And because the questions are generated by software they won't get the same questions twice.


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